Rescue Competition: British Blaze!
Keeping with the historical theming of these events, this smaller event will see schools competing in a non-direct manner. Each team will be tasked with rescuing as many people from possible in a deadly recreation of one of the most frightening disasters in history, the Great Fire of London! Amidst this inferno, teams must race to see who can provide aid to the most - with effectiveness of that aid naturally considered. The winner will be determined by how many they rescued and how effective treatment was.
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Cavalry Battle: Joust Edition!
A historical twist on an old U.A. favourite! Inspired by the Japanese original, this event will see each side forming their own cavalry; with two making up the horse and another the rider. From there, each team is to charge at the other from opposite sides, and seek to de-horse the other without clashing! All involved can use their Quirks to aid however they see fit, with the goal of knocking down the opponent or their horse! The team with the most wins at the end of the round takes home the victory!
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Railroad Rampage
An event where both technological capability and firepower will pay off! For this event, both teams will be catching a road on powerful locomotives, each racing alongside one another. From there, it’s a battle of wits and Quirks. Slowing down the opponent’s train won’t be easy, and neither will speeding up your own! Participants are encouraged to be creative and use the myriad of opportunities within their own train, as well as hammering the opponent’s as much as possible. The environment won’t be kind either! The first train to cross the finish line wins!
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Battle of the Bloody Bridge
A separate variation on the team battle, with a more streamlined and action-packed approach! The setup is simple, with each team taking positions on opposing sides of a great wide bridge, and having to push through until they can get their entire team to the other side. It’s a battle for dominance, to see which team can push back the other first, with tight spaces and the risk of falling (don’t worry, there’s safety nets!) this team battle trades objective-focused strategy for in-the-moment teamfighting tactics! Victory is achieved when at least one member of a team can get to the other side of the bridge - or when one team is entirely eliminated!
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The Siege of Castle Valiant
Set in an exciting historically themed arena, this event will see two opposing teams wage war in an exciting battle. One team will be given the task of defending the castle, while the other will be given the task of breaking in! With dynamic interactions with the arena itself, and various siege engines lying around for tinkerers to make use of, it’s sure to make for an exciting strategic clash! Victory is achieved when the attackers manage to breach the ‘throne room’ and take out the ‘king’ (a prop), or when the defenders run out the clock!
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Exibition Festival

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