In here, we accept suggestions and encourage discussions to make the site better.
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Events & Competitions
Here you'll find current IC Events and OOC Competitions hosted by staff!
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Activity Check March 2020
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Advertising and Affiliates
Come to this section if you wish to advertise on True Path. Advertisements posted anywhere else will be nuked swiftly and mercilessly!
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Information and Creation

The World
This board contains PC Rosters, Faceclaim Lists, Site Lore, and NPC Rosters.
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Character Creation
Templates and the area where you can post your character. Under the different tags, you can find the already accepted characters of their respective factions!
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Character Progression
When you are ready to spend experience on advancing your character, please follow the template inside and post here!
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Grading Center
Here you will find all of the thread submissions needed to progress your characters!
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U.A Highschool

School Grounds
U.A. Highschool, sometimes called Yuuei is the first hero academy introduced to the world and as such has drawn in a large number of students from all over the country and beyond. Whether you are a teacher or a student, this is the place where you'll spend a good part of your day.
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Training Facilities
Indoor training facilities. Gym workout, basement swimming pool, gymnastics hall. You'll find it all here!
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Here the nurse rules supreme, taking care of the wounded and injured, while providing medicine to the sick.
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Shopping District
The Musutafu shopping district offers quite the array of wares. There is the marketplace itself, which has open stalls with fresh fish, meat, agricultural produce and the like. Behind the marketplace itself, is a street with common shops for clothes, tatoos and more exotic standout wares.
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The suburbs of Musutafu are the home of many U.A. Academy students, teachers as well was their families and a myriad other people living in the city. Here one can find all sorts of abodes, from simple student apartments all the way to mansion-like houses.
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Dagobah Beach
The sandy Dagobah beach is one of the main attractions of Musutafu, both for locals and those visiting the city. The beach offers opportunities for swimming, sunbathing and relaxation. It also makes for a decent training spot when the number of visitors decreases as the day comes to an end.
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Tokyo City
The various districts around Tokyo you might find yourself within on a regular shopping spree or a day out! The hub of city life in Japan!
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Kabukicho is a large 'red-light' district in the slums of Tokyo. It's home to thousands of restaurants, karaoke, clubs and bars. It's also home to a wide variety of underworld establishments that attract weirdos and gangsters en masse. It's the type of neighborhood where it's not surprising to see riot police walking casually down the street.

Most Tokyoites don't hesitate to go to restaurants or izakaya in the area. However, they certainly wouldn't want to live anywhere near Kabukicho.
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Flashpoint: Nanako Ward: A den of vice in the shadow of Tokyo's Government, a place where anything is for sale.

Tokyo Police, Yakuza, and Vigilantes clash for control of the district, in the largest test of Japan's first Pro Heroes.
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The surrounding area around cities and towns. From small villages to forests, the lesser and smaller areas of Japan can be found in here.
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The World

Rest of the World
When creating a thread here, please start the title with a tag stating where you are in the world! Example: [Canada] "Thread title"
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All archived threads and posts go here.
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